Hi, I'm Enrica

I'm an artist, art teacher and art advisor living in fair Verona, Italy. My activities all revolve around art, whether it's mine or someone else's, whether it's ancient or contemporary - because I LOVE art in its every form and expression. I love making it, I love admiring it and helping other people appreciate it, even when it seems weird or hard to understand!


Office Suite
Adobe Suite
Art History
Wordpress/Web Design
Master's degree in Art History
Bachelor's degree in Restoration
20+ years of studies and practice
10+ years of experience in teaching art


I've always loved creating art. I started "seriously" when I was 15 years old and since then I never put the pencil down. My art takes many forms, from abstract to figurative to "manga illustrations" and comics, basically I tried my hand on almost everything. Some things I made for myself, others I produced as commissions for someone else.

Art teacher

I have a long experience as an art and art history teacher, having worked for years for various school and associations. I mainly teach how to draw and how to create engaging stories through one's drawings and comics. I also teach art history at the local People's University.

Art advisor

Through many years of passionate studies about art and its market - and a lot of personal, sometimes very difficult experience - I gained a good knowledge of what to buy, when to buy and where to by art so that it may become not only something good for one's soul, but also for their family's savings. Even with a small sum you can start making amazing investments in art and I can guide you through this adventure.

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